– Oh my god, you guys really don’t like this teacher! I should point out that I did a poor job explaining why Modest was sent to detention. I meant to show that when she springs up in this strip for her impromptu introduction she’s interrupting class. I was going to show that by adding in some extra word balloons behind hers to show that she was talking over the teacher. But I didn’t do a good job of conveying what was happening. Anyway, that doesn’t mean she’s not a mean teacher, but Modest is kind of hard to handle.

– I’m taking next week off. Taking a few days off in Late May has become kind of a tradition. Plus it’s my birthday on Weds. I’m going to go see Mad Max with Kate, Will and Nick, hang out with Marah and work on the next Ghost Kiss comic. I’ll be posting some Ask Medusa strips as filler. I’ll also be posting a new Asami Loves Korra comic sometime next week.