– Dusty White is doing a  Kickstarter for his new Tarot Deck project. It’s really nice looking, and if you’re kind of interested in tarot but don’t really know where to start it comes with video instruction! If Dusty sounds familiar it’s because he’s a frequent poster here on the site. So this is a cool project that I feel is totally worth supporting, whether you’re a real trot fan, someone looking to get started or someone who just wants to help a  fellow Medusa reader out!

Skull Dixon’s Goblin Tale and Simon Underwood’s Sorrel and Artichoke are both updating regularly, and both look great!

– I will be at Kumoricon this year! I wasn’t sure until today. I’ll probably be sharing a  booth with Ben Hsu again and we’ll probably do the Dubious Medusa panel again.

– School age Modest Medusa reader Ceilia sent me this great title via our mutual friend Katie. I dig it the most. Thanks!