– Thanks to J.C. Scott for the guest comic! Check out his comics Raidou Zuzonoha the 19th, Persona 3 FTWPersona 4TW and Persona Won! 

– Happy 4th of July! I was going to do a picture of Medusa waving a flag and drinking a bottle of whiskey in the back of a pickup truck with a  giant tattoo of an eagle and a shotgun… but I didn’t have the time. So just imagine it and then go blow stuff up!

– If you missed the Kickstarter but still want to spend some money I’d like to remind you that the Modest Medusa Season 1 book is still for sale!

– Convention month is coming! I’ll be at Geek Girl Con, Gencon, PAX and Kumoricon in August. Also look for me at APE later this year!