Hi everyone. I’m recovering nicely from my injuries. The first few days were really painful, but now that swelling has gone down, scrapes are healing and my muscles are relaxing I’m feeling a lot better. I returned to the studio yesterday and managed to get some odds and ends business stuff done, as well as a little writing. Today I tried drawing with my left hand, and… well, you can see the results!

The good news is that I saw a specialist this morning and they assured me that there’s no permeant damage to my arm. The fracture is small, and nearly all the pain I’m experiencing if from muscle stress. They expect that I’ll be able to start using my arm for simple stuff within 3 weeks, and I can start using it for extended drawing around week 4 or 5 (tomorrow will be the end of week 1). So that’s good news, even though I hate waiting.

In the meantime I’ll be trying to work on fixing up the Modest Medusa website. I have some older art I can share, and I may do some more left hand drawings for you. We’ll pick up the second half of this season in mid August.

Thank you all for the support and encouragement!