I’m recovering well from my injuries, although my arm still hurts quite a bit. My shoulder, left wrist and knee have all mostly healed. My right wrist is giving my some problems, but I’ll be seeing a specialist about it this week. I’m still hoping to be back to real drawing with my right hand by the middle of next month. I guess we’ll see! In the meantime here’s another left hand drawing. Its been decades since I broke my arm, but something I forgot about is how complete strangers will walk right up to you on the street or in a store and try to adjust your sling because they don’t think its hanging at the right angle. This has happened 4 or 5 times last week and its INSANE. Why  would you walk up to an injured stranger and touch their body and their injured limb? Why would you do it without even saying anything or introducing yourself? or from behind? I was in line at the store and suddenly someone was tugging on my sling from behind! I dropped everything I was holding! People, you are not doctors! You don’t know my medical condition! Mind your own business! Jesus. At the very least, ask first!

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