Hi everyone. This weekend I had an accident and broke my right arm and sustained several other minor injuries to my arm, shoulder, left knee and both hands. I’m fine, really. Its been two days and I’m recovering. However, because I’m right-handed it will be awhile before I can start drawing again. Which means all drawing related projects are now on hold, including MM updates. Could have been worse! At least insurance is covering the medical bills.

This of course comes at a bad time. (but when is ever a good time?), when I’ve been working on a whole bunch of stuff I was hoping to finish in the next 3-4 weeks. So while I recover Modest Medusa will be on a short hiatus. I may be able to post some filler content. We’ll see. In the meantime I’m going to try to work on the Modest Medusa website.

Some of you have asked if I need donations to help cover expenses while I’m out of work. It can’t hurt! If you’d like to  help me make ends meet for the next few weeks while I’m recovering you can send donations through Ko-fi.

Hopefully I’ll recover fast and be back to drawing early next month! Typing is hard  right now, so forgive me if responses are slow!