Hi everyone! I’m somewhere in Seattle right now, having fun at PAX. If today’s strip makes nosense to you it may be because you missed the special strip I posted yesterday. Go back’ check it out and then read all about the Modest Medusa season 1 kickstarter. We’ve already reached $1800 in less than24 hours, and we’re just $300 away from our initial goal! Thanks everyone! Of course, the more money we raise the better (and the more bonus content that will appear in the book), and there’s still plenty of great rewards available, including walk on role’s in season 2, crocodiles and more!

I’m typing this on an iPad so I have no idea howbto post a link, but if you’d like to contribute to th kickstarter, or just check it out, you can click the ad I made at the top left side of this page!

More updates soon!