– This is the same science team that appeared in Charles’ fish scientist dream in teh bonus comics from the Season 1 book, by the way.

– We’re moving in to a new month and I’ve decided to set a goal. Ā I’d very much like to get my Patreon campaign to the $800/month mark. $800 is what I need to pay my most basic living expenses (Food, rent, studio rent, medication). $800/month also unlocks my next Patreon Milestone Goal, which is a regular “Ask Medusa” feature, where you guys can submit questions and I’ll draw Medusa answering them. I think it’ll be fun! Anyway, my Patreon is at about $520 now, so we only have about $280 to go. Obviously that’s not a small amount, but it would make a HUGE difference to me on a monthly basis. Patreon is not a pay site or a pay wall. Patrons never get access to any exclusive content {atreon is a way for artists to make a living working on long term projects that are mostly offered to the public for free. Your patronage and support allows me to keep making comics.Patronage though Patreon isn’t for everyone. I know some of you can’t afford it and a lot of you who like to support this comic do it in different ways (which I really appreciate). But if you do enjoy the comic and would like to help out, even a small amount ($1-5) each month really adds up!

So July is officially Modest Medusa Patreon month! Our goal is to get to $800 by the end of the month, or really just as close as we can! You can check out my Patreon page here.

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