– I’ll be at the Portland Zine Symposium again this year on July 12th and 13th. Admission is free, so -please come and say hi. I MAY have a new mini comic or something to offer.

I won’t be attending Kumoricon last year. I really love seeing everyone at the con, but last year the artist alley was located in the basement parking garage, near the back away from any entrances, restrooms, water fountains or air circulation. On the first day of the con is was close to 90 degrees in our part of the parking garage, and a friend of mine actually passed out from the heat and had to be taken away by ambulance.  On the 2nd and third day I brought a fan, which helped a little bit. Earlier this year I ran into a member of teh con staff at my local game store and asked him if artist alley was being moved (it’s been moved multiple times in the last five years, but has always at least been located in a proper building with restrooms, and air conditioning. I was told no, it would remain in the same place and that they didn’t think it was a problem. When I shared my concerns I was told that artist alley wasn’t a priority and that if I didn’t want a table someone else would probably be happy to take it.

So yeah, I’m not going back to Kumoricon.

– With the help of my new intern I (well, she) organized a bunch of my Medusa art. I’m thinking about putting together a sketchbook. Do you guys have any interest in something like that?