– Yesterday I posted a 3 strip story from the Season 2 book featuring Medusa at the game store. I wanted to give you all an example of what the bonus content for the new book would look like. Today’s post is a 3 strip story from the Season 1 book, featuring Medusa’s hair. The new Season 3 book will contain a bonus story like these for every extra $1000 the Kickstarter generates. We’ve already hit the first stretch goal, another story about Medusa’s Hair. We’re less than $800 away from a new story featuring Charles! You can check out the Kickstarter page here. Even just a few bucks will help us get to our stretch goals and make this book more awesome for everyone!

– Oh, people who own the Season 1 book sometimes ask about this story and why the snakes don’t turn Marah to stone when they bite her. There’s absolutely no good reason for this except that I forgot, which is embarrassing since I drew these strips during the same week that I did the sequence in Season 2 where the purple mermaid gets turned to stone!