– More evidence that Medusa is a lousy thief! Some of you saw these strips before, as bonus content from the Season 2 book. Since the Season 3 Kickstarter just reached it’s first stretch goal I wanted to post an example of what the bonus strips from the book will look like. For every extra $1000 the Kickstarter generates I’ll be doing a 3 page bonus story like this one for the new book. We’ve already reach $13,000 and a story about Medusa’s Hair. Our next goal , a story about Charles, is less than $900 away!  Check out the Kickstarter page here!

– Matt Senecal Made some awesome Modest Medusa / Unikitty fan art, and I encouraged him to turn it into a shirt. You can order the shirt here (in several colors). It’s pretty great!

Medusa and Unikitty