– Loys of stuff happening today!

– The Modest Medusa Season 3 Kickstarter is funded! We reached our $12,000 goal yesterday. Thanks so much everyone. The Kickstarter still has 17 days to go, and that’s plenty of time to reach a bunch of our stretch goals! For every extra $1000 the Kickstarter generates I’ll add an extra 3 page comic to the book.  We’re only about $500 away from the first 3 page story, featuring Medusa’s Hair!  This book could be huge! Visit the kickstarter page here.



– Today’s comic is all about dice, and that’s no coincidence. My friends at Tinderbox Entertainment have just released some special Modest Medusa dice as part of their Dice Empire Kickstarter. These dice are great,and you ca get them for pretty cheap! The Dice Empire Kickstarter ends in less than two days, so hurry up!

Modest Medusa

Patreon backers who pledge $25 or more each month get to be part of the Modest Medusa sticker club. This month’s sticker is a Lego Modest Medusa. Hope you dig it!

Lego Medusa


– And in case you missed it yesterday, here’s the art for the 3rd sticker that Kickstarter backers will receive.  Medusa looks pretty sweet as Matt Smith’s Doctor Who! Kickster backers who contribute $5 or more will get this sticker along with the Korra and Cyclops stickers!

Who Sticker


– That’s a lot of stuff! I’d also like to remind you to check out Jaymz’s Split Screen Kickstarter and Ben and Elaine’s Licensed Hero’s Kickstarter. My friends are doing great comics and I’m sure they’d appreciate your support!

– I’ll be at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle next month. This will be my first show of the year and I’m pretty excited! I’m also planning on attending Sakuracon in April and Fanime in May. I unfortunately wasn’t accepted to Linework in Portland. Jaymz said she thought it was because I’m not indie enough. She made me this great Valentines day card.

Indie Val