– Sometimes doing a strip is really fast and easy and sometimes it goes on forever. This strip was one of the forever ones. There was nothing particularly difficult about it, but I’ve been feeling tired and cold all week, and it tool me until about 3am to really get a start on this one. The coloring will have to wait till later unfortunately, since I’m too tired t0 go on.

– I’ve posted a new art auction over on ebay. As I mentioned last week, I’m auctioning off original art to help cover shipping costs for my last Kickstarter. The project ended up costing much more  than I had anticipated so I’m selling off some art to make up the difference. if you’ve been wanting some original MM art, now’s teh time! This week’s illustration is Modest meeting Groot and Rocket! It runs until next Monday. You can see the auction here.

Medusa adn Rocket

Medusa adn Rocket 2