– Over the next few weeks I’ll be auctioning off some original artwork to help cover shipping costs from my last Kickstarter. The project was more expensive than I anticipated and I ran out of money. I’ll be listing a new illustration on ebay every 5-6 days. The first auction (for the illustration below) is ending tomorrow evening. Please check it out!

Medusa smiling 2

– My friend Skull Dixon has just launched the Kickstarter for his fantasy rpg Cleadonia. Skull is a great illustrator, and Cleadonia is a really neat looking game. We’ve had a kind of friendly rivalry going to see which of us could release our game first. It looks like Cleadonia beat The Magical Land of Yeld to Kickstarter. Anyway, please check out the Kickstarter and help my friend print his game. You can also download the quickstart rules for free from this link.

– Here’s an illustration I did for a Modest Medusa reader. The original version included  his call sign, but I left that out since I don’t know if he wants that shared publicly. Anyway, it was fun to do.