– This is the first Modest Medusa strip created with Clip Studio Paint. I’ve been coloring, lettering and finishing MM using Photoshop since the beginning, but this week I finally took the plunge and switched to Clip Studio. I have no idea if you can see any difference at all, but for me its a huge deal. I’ve been super hesitant to switch since I learned to do everything on Photoshop, and picking up a new tool can be hard. The last few days I’ve been struggling a little to relearn everything I knew, but I’ve found that Clip Studio is an immediately and obviously better drawing tool for me (not that that matters with this strip, which was drawn by hand on paper. But i did some other digital drawing this week and I certainly noticed the difference). Probably the most visible difference is the word balloons. I left behind Modest Medusa’s traditional jagged word balloons at the beginning of this season in favor of more traditional balloons. IDK if anyone even noticed. Clip Studio has an word balloon tool built in, and its very easy to use. I’m not sure if I’ll stick with this squarish shape, but these word balloons were a bit faster and easier to generate.

I have a Patreon, and sometimes people ask me what I use that money for. The truth is that it pay about 80% of my bills every month, including rent, groceries, studio rent, art supplies, etc. Sometimes it also me pay for larger work expenses. Earlier this Summer it paid for my new Huion drawing tablet, which is amazing. And now it paid for Clip Studio Pro. So for the 150ish of you that have been sending me support every month (and every one of you who supports my work in other ways) thank you all so much! (You can find my Patreon here).