– I’m taking this week off for Christmas and to get the new issue of Combine out. I know last week was light on strips, but I’ll be back next week with new strips. The Mermaid story is about to heat up! In the mean time I’ll have some really cool stuff later this week, so please check back on Weds and Friday!

– My very favorite place to eat in Portland is a Chinese restaurant on 39th and Hawthorne called Lucky Strike. For years Lucky Strike has been part of a tradition for my self and other Portland cartoonists. After a convention or book signing we always go to get some late night Sichuan food. Lucky Strike has a fantastic menu,a  fantastic bar and a fantastic staff. It also projects movie onto a large screen. Eating there over the last few months I’ve seen parts of Shaolin Soccer, Spirited Away, Police Story, Fistful of Dollars and Big Trouble in Little China. I was devastated to discover that Lucky Strike is closing this Sunday. It’s the latest victim in the ongoing Portland land grab, with investors buying up local property and jacking up the rent to drive the current tenants out. My neighborhood is starting to look like a ghost town, with businesses that have been here for years forced to close. Even my local game store Red Castle Games is facing this problem. Anyway, tonight I got together with Ben Hsu (of Liscensed Heros), Jaymz Bernard (of Devil Spy), Alan Ward (of Metamorphosis Protocol), Dax (of Beaver Comic), Barry Deutsch (of Hereville) and some other friends for one last spicy meal. it was worth it. I’ll miss the place! As a tribute I thought I’d post Modest’s trip to Lucky Strike, a three part comic that appeared in the Season 3 book. I hope you all enjoy it!