Modest Medusa 24 Hour Comic: The Night Before Christmas

– Hi everyone. Here’s a brand new 24 Hour comic, brought to you by my recent Kickstarter! The goal of the Kickstarter was to create a collection of all my past 24 hour Modest Medusa comics, and teh special stretch goal was a brand new comic featuring the “origin” of Jake. This isn’t really an origin story, but it does explain what happened to Jake right before the very first strip, and why he’s out on Christmas eve carrying around a present. There’s more to Jake and Sheryl’s past than just this, but we’ll get to that some other time!

– The new Ghost Kiss comic will be up on Weds or Thursday. If you’re a Modest Medusa fan you should make sure to check it out! Also, the new issue of Combine will be launching next Monday. If you’ve been waiting to subscribe, now is your chance!

Gk review