What a weird, weird week.

Its 110+ degrees in Portland this week. Thats the hottest its ever been, and news outlets are claiming Portland is one of teh hottest places in the entire world right now. For a town famous for rain, where most people wear hoodies 11 months out of the year, this really sucks. For contrast, 89 is a hot day in Portland, and we usually only get around 100 for a few days each year.

My bedroom (Medusa’s room, in the comic) gets very, very hot even in a normal room. Thankfully I was given an air conditioner by a friend. Unfortunately it drained water like crazy while I was at work and soaked the floor so badly that we’ve had to have a contractor come out and rip  up my carpet, carpet pad and flooring and replace it. I’m now stuck out of my room for the next several days while the work is done and industrial strength fans are going. So I’m sleeping on the couch. Thankfully the AC in the rest of the house is good.

The AC in the studio is great too, so I’ve been spending a lot of time here, especially at night. Our studio is above a bar, and on Saturday night at around 4am I looked out the window and saw some guys use a chain and their truck to rip the doors off the bar and steal the ATM. It was nuts. The doors were laying in the street, glass was everywhere and the building’s staircase railings, part of a picnic table and a huge branch of a tree where shredded and left on the sidewalk. It was all over pretty fast.

Anyway, its been a crazy weekend.