Please welcome special guest Michelle Ho!

Book: A lot of you have been asking how soon you’ll be able to order copies of the Modest Medusa Season 1 book. I’m hoping to have the full order of books in hand within the next two weeks. As soon as I receive a delivery date confirmation from the shipping company I’ll make the books available for pre-order.  Once the books arrive I’ll be sending both pre-orders and Kickstarter orders out as soon as possible. Anyway, hopefully I’ll have an announcement soon.

Bonus! Here’s an extra strip by my friend Tyler Tinsely. I’ve promoted Tyler’s Kickstarter in the past, and although it’s already met it’s goal it still needs a bit more money to hit the $1000 mark and unlock the Modest Medusa and Jake gaming pieces for the board game Bluffing Style Chess. I’ve played BSC a few times and really like it, so if you can afford to do so please throw a few bucks at Tyler’s Kickstarter.