– Modest Medusa won this years Drunk Duck award for best Adventure Comic!

This is great! Last year MM won the Best Humor Comic award (and a few others). I’m really happy that the DD community liked the adventure elements of the comic enough to give it an award! Thanks!

– I did the presentation comic for this years “Best sci-fi comic” award. It features Medusa and Jenny. Check it out here.


– For those of you who are wondering, yes I am totally still working on the Season 2 book. The plan is to get it to the printer by the end of the month. Hopefully that’ll mean we’ll have books back in early to mid November. We’ll see how that goes. But yes, it is coming along. Slowly but surely. There’s a lot of content still left to generate. At last count this book has about 50 pages of bonus content, which is like twice as much as the last book. So I hope it will be worth the wait!