– Conventions! I’ll be at PAX on Saturday. Come see me in the “Lets talk about Sex” panel at 8pm. I’ll be talking about sexuality and gender issues in table top gaming, with game designer Meguey Baker (and a few other friends). Catch me afterwards to chat about Modest Medusa or just say hi!

I’ll be at Kumoricon all day Sunday and Monday. You’ll find me in the artist alley sharing a booth with Ben Hsu. I’ll be selling Season 1 books, Mermaid Hunter, prints and my last few t-shirts. I’ll also be doing sketches for anyone who wants one. You can also come see the Dubious Medusa panel at 3pm on Sunday, where Ben and I talk about making webcomics and stuff. We’ll probably be giving away special buttons as well!

– Mondays update may be late, since I haven’t finished it yet and I’ll be at cons all weekend. So we’ll see what happens. I’m hoping to draw it at Kumoriocn on Sunday, and color it Monday afternoon after the con ends. So yeah, it probably won’t be up til Tuesday.