– Sorry for the late page. This was supposed to go up on Monday, but I’ve just finished it on Thursday morning! Part of the delay was convention exhaustion from trying to do PAX and Kumoricon on the same weekend, but most of it was just drawing problems. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th panels just weren’t working for me, and I ended up drawing and then erasing them a few times. By the time I was done the wax from my blue pencil was so thick on the page that it clogged up my pens when I tried to ink!

– Doing PAX/Kumoriocn made for a rough weekend, but it was worth it! It was great seeing so many of you guys, and I’m really happy that so many of you made it to the panels, found me and said hi, played a game with Ben Hsu or  I or stopped by the booth to hang out. I can’t wait to see you all next year (or at Sakuracon in a few months). I’m sorry to say that a big box of Chocodiles arrived at my house on Tuesday. I think you would have enjoyed them!

– The 2nd annual Dubious Medusa panel went pretty well. We recorded it this time so you can enjoy it at home. It’s like an hour and a half, and we recorded it on a PS vita (which totally worked). Unfortunately the videos are too long for youtube, so… I’m trying to figure that out. Probably I’ll post it here on Friday. In the meantime, here’s some photos.