– Lots of neat stuff coming out of E3. I’ve been too busy to keep up, so tell me the cool stuff I missed. I don’t care about Assassins Creed at all, so skip that!

– A reader named Jeremy posted the following comment yesterday. I wante dto repost it as well as my response:

Jeremy: “Today I realized Patreon is the Artistic man’s answer to whatever deal Youtube has with Youtubers like Markiplier , Pewdiepie, and Jack Septiceye. Except instead of a big company paying artists for how many views they get Patreon lets fans directly support their artists.”

My response: “Yes! Yes, this is exactly it. It’s pure patronage, and I think it’s really important. Honestly, it’s difficult to create a sellable product to make a living on. I’ve been lucky with Modest Medusa books, but those only bring in so much money (less than what I need to pay rent) and I haven’t had any luck selling t-shirts and other stuff. Plus, lots of projects just aren’t commercial. I have a comic I really, really want to do next year once my schedule settles down a bit, but there’s no way I can sell it as a book, and I probably won’t be able to produce merchandise for it either. But it’s something I really want to do and it’s something I really think you guys will like. I’m telling myself that if my Patreon reaches $1000/month I can afford to do the project, but there’s still a LONG way to go! But Patreon does make that possible. Artists can do the kind of projects they like without having to worry if they can find a publisher or if anyone will buy a book or a t-shirt,and people can support exactly the kind of art they love, knowing that their money helps the artist create more work. It’s amazing and Important.” I should add to this that I am slowly working on a new Ghost Kiss comic. I’m getting just a bit done at a time and I don’t have anything to show off yet, but it is happening, and it’s because of the support you guys are giving me. Thanks!

You can check out my Patreon here.

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