– Hey guys! Lots of Kickstarter news today.

– There’s just 3 days left for the Modest Medusa Season 3 Kickstarter. We’re doing pretty good, but there’s several stretch goals I still want to meet, including extra 3 page comics featuring the Mermaids, Medusa’s sisters, the Pirates and Chocodiles for the book and a Medusa tattoo for me! yesterday we unlocked a stretch goal for a bonus Medusa Pacific Rim sticker for everyone who pledged $5 or more! So please check out the Kickstarter page!

– Jaymz’s Kickstarter for her Split Screen graphic novel is just over half way funded. She’s got 10 days left and needs your support! Jaymz, Barry Deutsch and I teamed up to create a special print that will only be available to people who back both the Modest Medusa and the Split Screen Kickstarters at the $25 levels. The print features characters from Modest Medusa, Split Screen and Hereville riding on Appa from Avatar. Just because. It’ll be signed by all three of us and will ship with your Modest Medusa book. If you’ve already pledged at least $25 to the Modest Medusa Season 3 Kickstarter all you need to do is pledge $25 (that’ the book level) to the Split Screen Kickstarter. After both Kickstarters end we’ll compare our backer lists, and if you appear on both you’ll get the print! Easy as cake! Here’s the link to the Split Screen Kickstarter.



– More Medusa dice from Tinderbox Entertainment! In addition to the blue and black Medusa dice we’re now offering hero and Villain dice. These are pretty great! The Hero dice feature The Drudge Angel, Pirate Captain, Urano, Medusa, Jake and Marah! The Villain dice have the Purple Mermaid, a Fairy Soldier, Kerrigor, the Chainsaw Unicorn, The Prince and the Gorgon! These dice are available through the Kickstarter for $2 each. All you need to do is increase your pledge by $2 for each die you want, and after the Kickstarter is over I’ll send out a form so you can tell me which dice you want. If you ONLY want some dice you can just pledge for that amount! Check out the Kickstarter page here!

MM Dice 2 & 3


hello Batman– I bought this Hello Kitty piggy bank, then I put a Batman mask on it.