The end of Season 7! It took a few months longer than expected, but I’ll blame it on the pandemic. I was expecting this season to be 110 strips, and it ended up being 113 (not counting the interlude). I hope you enjoyed seeing Marah’s journey fleshed out and spending more time with the Pirates. This isn’t the last time we’ll have a Marah focused season, but the next one will cover some new ground.

If you’re curious where this season fits in, it starts around the end of Modest Medusa Season 2 (this strip), and ends right before the short story included in the Season 2 book. Marah and Jaspar and the crew rejoin the main story in Season 3 (this strip).

We’ll have just a few filler strips and a wallpaper before we start season 8. I know you’re all eager to see Modest again!

I haven’t brought up my Patreon in awhile, but if you’re enjoying the comic and feel like you’re in a position to give, I’d really appreciate your support. The Pandemic absolutely devastated my income, and I’m still recovering. One of teh reasons updates were delayed so often over the last 15 months is that I had to take on a lot more freelance work to pay bills. So your support really helps me spend more time on the comics, and I really appreciate it!