Sorry for the late post. This one took a little longer than normal!

The winners of teh 2023 Popularity Contest are here! This year I decided to draw the top 10 characters (plus Modest) as D&D characters! Here’s the results:

Modest Medusa (Wizard)
1. Marah (Paladin)
2. Jenny (Warlock)
3. Meg (Fighter)
4. The Princess (Cleric)
5. Aunty Naga (Sorcerer)
6. Jake (Barbarian)
7. Ha Yoon (Ranger)
8. Ecksbocks (Druid)
9. Deb (Rogue)
10. Ms. Booth (Bard)

Some surprises this year. Jenny and Marah actually tied for 1st place! Jenny has been a pretty contentious character for years, but it seems like you’re all warming up to her. The Princess makes her debut in 4th place, a strong showing for a character we haven’t really seen much of. Naga continues to be a favorite, even though we haven’t seen her for a few hundred pages. Esckbocks is the only Medusa sister to make teh list, edging out the ever popular Glados and Raccoon. Ha Yoon and Deb both make the list for the first time. No Pi-Rats of any kind this year, for the first time ever!