– I’ll be hosting a webcomics panel at NewConPDX on Sunday, December 30th. Should be fun!

– Still looking for toy feedback on the Modest Medusa toys. If you’re interested please fill out the survey and let us know what kind of toys you’d like to see! You can also leave feedback right here in the comments!

– As I mentioned on Monday, Modest Medusa is now appearing on Crunchyroll’s new Artist Alley.  The site is still in beta, so it’s kind of bare bones. But it has a nice interface and I’m hoping it’ll be a good tool for introducing a lot of new readers to Modest Medusa. There’s also a thread on the Crunchyroll forum where you can leave feedback and talk about the project. If anyone wanted to go on there and… I don’t know… express how great it would be if the site had features like user comments, links to creator’s websites, etc… that would be awesome!