– Welcome back! It turned out I needed a few days off a lot more than I thought. In addition to attending the great Stumptown Comics Fest I spent my week off hanging out with friends and working on a short 10 page super hero comic. I also got a bit more art done for the Magical land of Yeld rpg. I got to go to Bridge City Comics for free comic day. I spent several hours playing Planetside 2. I ate at several of my favorite restaurants, including Lucky Strike. I spent a few hours talking about X-Men on Facebook. I saw Iron Man 3 with my brother Will. I walked to work 5 or 6 time since the weather has been so nice. So all in all, not a bad week! Time to get back to work!

– Here’s an awesome guide to making a Modest Medusa cake, courtesy of Jessiblue3!

– A little bit of Yeld trivia. The big ean looking dude shown here is a Fairy. The Fairies of Yeld are mostly professional soldiers that make up Dragul’s armies. We’ve seen them here and there in the comic, but I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned that they’re actually called Fairies, except in the Coloring Book. So now you know.