– So I’m one of the finalist nominees for the Stumptown Comics Arts Awards in the Best Webcomic category.  It’s an honor to be nominated. For real. Stumptown is the local comic convention that I feel most connected to. I’ve been every year since it started (except the first), I’ve volunteered several times and I’ve had a booth the last two years. Anyway, I’d very much like to win this award, and since it’s a public voting thing I’d appreciate it if you could all help me out. Just go to this address and vote for Modest Medusa in the webcomics category. If you want to vote fro Adrian Wallace in the lettering category, that’d be cool too!

– A whole bunch of Kickstarter packages went in the mail on Saturday and a bunch more are ready to go today. Not quite as many as I had hoped, but I’m all set up to get most of the rest out this week!

– Some more Medusa sketches from Jaymz! I probably wouldn’;t have gotten half as much done this weekend without her help. Thanks!


Jaymz4Winter Medusa

– Here’s a few more book sketches!