– I’ve been watching an anime called Tokyo magnitude 8.0 while I work on the comic this week. I’m liking it a lot, but… oh my god, the main character is such an annoying little crap! Anyway, I picked up some cheap anime at Sakuracon and I’m pretty excited to watch it. I also got Gundam Unicorn, Tweeny Witches and Children who chase lost voices (which I’ve seen and really like). I wanted Sword Art Online, but it’s not available in English, and I can’t watch sub-titled stuff while I draw or stuff envelopes. Oh well.

– Want to take an early look at the Magical Land of Yeld role playing game? Nick and I have released a play test pdf that you can download for free right here. This is an unedited, un-proofed, art-free game text. Feel free to check it out or even play a game. You can also provide feedback at the new Yeld play test forum!

Yeld Whitebook cover