Lots of stuff today!

– We beat Darth’s & Droids in the first round of ComicMix’s March Madness webcomic thing! That was a total surprise! Right now we’re tied in the 2nd round with Nedroid Picture Diary. Voting goes until Weds evening! We can totally win this! Please vote here!

– Modest Medusa will be at the Cel*Style booth at Sakuracon March 29th-31st. Come by and say hi! You can also get your Season 2 book and check out a preview of the Magical Land of Yeld rpg!

– My friend Ewen Cluney has made an awesome card game about creating anime series and pitching them to a cable network. It’s called Channel A and it looks totally great! You can get in on the Kickstarter now and get the game for just $25! If you lie anime and party games I think you’ll dig this!

– One of my favorite artists, the Gorgonist has just started a new webcomic!  Ushala at World’s End is totally great! Please check it out!

– Is anyone else in the Final Fantasy 14 beta? I got to play for about 45 minutes this weekend and totally loved it, but I was too busy to spend any more time in the game.