The original gag for this strip had Charles asking Marah and the Medusa how they got there, and Marah telling them they borrowed his car, with the last panel showing the car crashed into a tree in the hospital parking lot. But I didn’t want to draw the car again, so…

The Kickstarter is going so well that I’m considering stealing the money and moving to somewhere with a Β beach. We’re at around $6300 now, which is more than enough to unlock the 4 bonus three page comics! I’ve promised another 3 pager featuring Medusa’s Mom if we make it to $10,000… but seriously, we don’t really need $10,000!

Anyway, there’s still 9 days left in the Kickstarter, so if you want to pre-order a signed book with a sketch, secure a walk on role, get a box of Chocodiles or a cool Medusa hat please go ahead and throw us some money!

Completely unrelated: Chainsaw Unicorn music from KajiMotomiya!

Kumoricon was tons of fun! Ben Hsu and I shared a very cramped booth all weekend, selling t-shirts, stickers, prints and my last few con books. We meta ton of great people, saw a bunch of old friends (some for the very first time in person) and just had way more fun than we expected to! Special thanks to everyone who came to the Dubious Medusa panel, and extra thanks to Lilineko (and friends), Sean, Belinda, Kristy and Audrea for hanging out with us on Saturday night and Sunday!

Here’s my Kumoricon photos!

Ben and I at the booth! yes, I’m dressed as Team Rocket. Β It was by accident.

Kristy at the booth, helping out on Monday while Ben and I are too tired to talk.

Of course you can’t work the booth without wearing the hat, so…

Me, Lilineko, Alex and Ben at the booth.

Vampire-Yuki and I at the booth. Only one of us is cosplaying.

Squirtle uses Watergun! It’s super effective!

Snorlax uses Heavy Slam! Squirtle has fainted!

The Medusa hat claims another victim!

The Pokemon from Sunday return, fully evolved!

Sean gives the hat a try!