– Welcome to the in-between season break! If this comic makes absolutely no sense, please go back and read these two strips from in-between seasons 2 and 3. I never got around to finishing off this little story, but here’s my chance! Look for more later this week!

patreon ad– My Patreon campaign is going great! We met our first Milestone Goal over the weekend, which means that very soon the Project Wonderful ads here on the site will be going away. I haven’t decided what will take their place yet, but I’ll figure it out this week. We’re also less than $200 from our next Milestone goal, which is a monthly live drawing and chat session. If you’re interested in becoming a patron please check out my page!

Each month Patrons who pledge $25 or more get a special Medusa cosplay sticker. Last week I showed off the art for Medusa dressed as Link and Princess Hilda from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (which I just finished and it’s totally awesome by the way!). Usually I’l only be sending out one sticker design each month, but this month I decided to do three! So here’s Medusa dressed as Ravio as well! So Patrons who back at the $25 level or more will get all three stickers this month (and multiple copies of each). Thanks guys!

Ravio small


– Jaymz and I stayed up late last night making some pixel style Medusa art out of perler beads. I think it turned out pretty okay. I may offer these as a Kickstarter reward if anyone is interested. We used a design based on this great illustration by Necrolichmon.

Pixel bead Medusa