– Here’s a guest comic from Jaymz. We went to the Retro Games Expos a few weeks ago and this is what she came up with. Her comic Split Screen is just about to wrap up, so if you haven’t read it yet now is the time! And of course you can support her on Patreon!

– Speaking of Patreon…

Helicopter Batman 01

So I said that the money from my Patreon would allow me to spend more time making comics. I didn’t exactly mean THIS comic, but here it is anyway. “Helicopter Batman” started as a joke. I mean, it is a joke. Ben Hsu (of the comic Dubious Company) and I often share a booth when we go to conventions. We also do a “Dubious Medusa” panel together once a year at Kumoricon. It’s a long story, but at the first panel we came up with an idea for a comic that Ben would draw and I would write called Helicopter Batman. The first half of the joke is that Ben doesn’t draw, and the second half is that in the comic Batman can only say the word “Helicopter”. By the time the next Kumoricon came around all anyone wanted to know was when we were going to be done with Helicopter Batman. I wrote a script for Ben, but he never got around to drawing it (too busy writing, he said), so I did it myself.

Okay, so all that is true, but what this really is is a test page for a different comic project that I’m working on. I wanted to try out an all marker style and see how it looked. I think it turned out pretty well. The comic doesn’t star Batman, but it is a moody crime fighting story with an absurd hero, and I think you’ll all like it! Anyway, I promised more comics for your money, and this is the start of that!

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