Spinnerette Medusa small

Here’s this month’s Patreon sticker. This is Medusa dressed as Spinnerette from the fantastic webcomic with the same name. I’ve been a fan for a few years, and I really recommend it. You can read it here: http://www.spinnyverse.com/. If you’re enjoying Modest Medusa and would like to help me make a living doing the comic please check out my Patreon page. Even $1 a month helps!

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– If you read the comics you may have saw that Jeremy (who also posts under the name Jerus and has been a regular poster and Modest Medusa supporter since forever) recently lost his mother and is in some pretty dire financial situation. he needs some help while he looks for a job. He’ set up a GoFundMe page and could certainly use some help. If you can spare a few bucks and would like to help out a fellow Modest Medusa reader you can check out it out here. I’ve chipped in a bit already, and I hope maybe some of you will be able to as well. Gofundme operates a little like Kickstarter, but even if he doesn’t reach his funding goal Jeremy will still be able to keep whatever money is donated.