– The Bone Broth is a real Food item from the Yeld TTRPG!

– I had a nice time with my family over Thanksgiving. I hope you all had  a good weekend too. unfortunately I also had some medical problems. Nothing alarming at all! Don’t worry. But I had a mix up with my medication, which led me to have to go without for several days. The side effects were pretty unpleasant, but they’re all over now and I’m feeling better. However, I also hurt my shoulder pretty badly a few weeks ago, and it has not gotten better (my doctor calls it “Frozen Shoulder”, and apparently it will stick around for up to a year before healing on its own. Its pretty painful actually). So between those two problems the last few Modest Medusa updates sailed right by me. I’m back on schedule now though, and everything is okay.

Its that time of year! The Modest Medusa Holiday sale is now live! You can check out the sale here.