– I’m pretty pleased that, despite having a ton of extra work to get through this week and announcing that I would be posting pages a day late I still managed to get my pages up on Weds and Friday. Late on Weds and Friday, but still!

– Nick and I will be doing another Yeld live draw and Q & A tomorrow from 2-5 PM (Pacific Time) on my Picarto channel. I’ll be drawing and we’ll both be answering Yeld questions. Come hang out!

– The Kickstarter is going great by the way. Yeld is shaping up to be both a spectacular game and a really nice looking book full of some of the best art I’ve ever done. There’s also a lot of comics, split between instructional comics (like the one below) and story comics that help you get to know the characters of Yeld. I’m pretty excited about it! You can check out the Kickstarter here!

action chain