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Combine covers

– Can I tell you a little bit about Combine? Combine is my sci-fi comic magazine. It’s a big 48 page full color magazine that I publish about every 3 months. Each issue features new chapters of my superhero comedy Ghost Kiss (which shares a universe with Modest Medusa, by the way) as well as Micah Berkoff’s cyberpunk Shutter Valley Record and Jaymz Bernard’s post apocalyptic buddy adventure Devil Spy.  We released our 3rd issue in July and we’re getting ready to release our 4th issue in October. You can download the full first issue for FREE and check it out. Here’s the link. We offer subscriptions to Combine through the Combine Patreon. You can get a digital subscription for $5/issue or we’ll mail you physical magazines for just $12/issue (including shipping).  You can buy back issues of Combine from our store here.

I know I haven’t talked a lot about Combine in the past but I really want this project to succeed, so I hope you’ll consider subscribing. The reason I’m bringing this up now is that we’re making two big changes with issue #4, which we’re releasing next month. The first change is that Zoe Coughlin’s excellent science fiction comic The Last Cowboy is joining the Combine line up, with new chapters appearing in each issue. I came across The Last Cowboy by complete accident a few months ago and immediately fell in love with it. It’s a sci-fi story with an actual focus on science. It’s funny and well drawn, with deeply engaging characters (human and alien) and a fantastic story. I really love it and I think you will too! Here’s a few sample pages!

ch1pg0coverTLC samplech1pg10

The second big change is that Combine is becoming a  BIGGER magazine. I always wanted to make a comic series that was a physical magazine. Something you could carry around and share with your friends. Something you’d be excited to see arrive in your mailbox or pick up at a convention. My goal with Combine was to produce a super high quality book. Each issue of Combine is physically large (8. 5 x 11 inches) and printed in full color on high quality paper. When we released the first issue it was 44 pages, which was pretty hefty. Starting with issue #4 Combine will be 80+ pages.  It will also be square bound (like a trade paper back) instead of stapled, and will feature heavier cover stock. I’m really glad that we can be producing a big, high quality book that features 4 really great comics. I’m having a huge amount of fun creating Ghost Kiss, and I’m constantly thrilled with the work that Micah, Jaymz and Zoe are doing. I hope it’s the kind of thing you’ll really want to check out. I think you’ll dig it!

The new issue of Combine will be released around the 2oth of October, so subscribe before then to get it! Remember, you can download the first issue for free here. You can also buy all three back issues of Combine here!

GK2 03SVR012Combine Sample Comic 1