– I meant to write “hands and arms”. Sigh.

– Nick and I will be at Sakuracon next week running games of Yeld in the tabletop gaming room (room 613). Our schedule is listed below. If you plan on being at the show please come and join us on Friday from 3-8pm room, Saturday from 11-4pm or Saturday 5-10pm!

– The Yeld Bundle of Holding is still available until Sunday evening. this bundle includes digital versions of The Yeld game (and expansions), the first 3 Seasons of Modest Medusa and 5 other games by myself, Nick and Matt Schlotte. plus some extra material. All for about $13! This is amazing deal, and most of the money  is split between a great charity and nick, Matt and myself! My part is going to help pay for my new computer!

– Speaking of which, thanks to the generous support of several of my readers I’ll be able to afford a brand new computer! I’m very excited about this, since I’ve been struggling with the same ancient computer since before I started Modest Medusa. Depending on how well the Yeld Bundle of Holding does I may also be able to purchase a new Cintiq (the tool I use for digital art). If I don’t end up with quite enough money this month I’ll be putting what I have aside so I can save to purchase a new cintiq in a month or two. In the meantime, I’m extremely excited to be getting a new computer! Special thanks to Nathanel Cole who put together a computer that I’ve been using for the last week (and probably for the next week or two while I’m waiting for my computer components to arrive and assemble themselves).