Two announcements:

– First, I just want to say that I really appreciate your generosity and support over the last week while I’ve been panicking over my dead computer. My computer issue is now in the process of being resolved and I’m in a good position. Thank you all so much.

At this point I really don’t need any more help. A number of you have offered to send money or provide other kinds of support and I appreciate that so much, but I’m okay now. I’ve been well taken care of and I couldn’t ask for anything more! Thank you all.

If you do like my games and comics and want to get some at a great price I would still encourage you to check out the current Bundle of Holding. Its an amazing deal,and it supports not only myself but Nick Smith and Matt Schlotte as well, and a great charity too!

Thanks everyone. Really, thanks so much. You could have launched a rocket powered by my anxiety and stress this week, but everything seems to be okay now. I look forward to getting back to work on my new equipment once it arrives!
– Second, Nick and I are happy to announce that we’ll be presenting 3 games of The Magical Land of Yeld at Sakuracon this month! Sakuracon is Seattle’s enormous 3 day anime convention. Nick and I used to regularly attend to set up our Modest Medusa/CelStyle booth and run our games, and in fact we met many of you for the first time at that show! This year we’re excited to bring Yeld to the show! Nick and I will be teaming up for 3 sessions (listed below) Each session is limited to 5 players on a first come/first served basis. All participating players (and anyone else who visits us in the gaming room) will receive a special event exclusive Yeld item!
Here’s our schedule:
Friday 3-8pm room 613
Saturday 11-4pm room 613
Saturday 5-10pm room 613
We hope we’ll see you there!