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  1. gnrrrg

    The snakes are a part of you. 25% of you doesn’t want to learn magic… or just doesn’t want a glowing rabbit.

  2. Nikary Flare
    Nikary Flare

    Third panel is priceless xD

  3. Tim

    “I learned it from you!”

  4. Nonsens

    (╯°□°)´¯`-._.-´¯`-._.╯︵ ┻━┻

  5. Bambikles

    Why, indeed ?

  6. John Powell
    John Powell

    Had the same problem with my hair. That’s why I get buzz cuts now.

    • Nikary Flare
      Nikary Flare

      Wait, what?

    • Jake

      Good advice.

  7. cheetaur

    reminds me of Spinnerette, she has six arms….one seems to have a mind of its own.

  8. BP

    Oh, are we finally gonna address why Sneaky is the way he is? 😀

    • Jake


      • Rune

        My guess?

        The independent minded jerk of a snake is the one angling to be the survivor who consumes the Modest we know and becomes the mind of her adult self.

        • Jake

          Thats a pretty good guess.

  9. Peya Luna
    Peya Luna

    that snake needs a muzzle

    • Hornet

      Or a beating, Maybe getting a buzz cut right there wouldn’t be such a bad idea and show the other snakes who’s boss. Only question is if the snakes get hurt does it hurt her?

  10. Ophidiophile

    You gotta teach him who’s boss. Get the lawn shears. Just a little off the top.

  11. sleepyrobin

    She’s going to summon Unusagi, and Travis will accidentally come along for the ride. It’s a crossover event with the Lucky Bunny Bounty Show!

    See http://elgoonishshive.wikia.com/wiki/Lucky_Bunny_Bounty_Show for context.

    • Jake

      Ah. Luck Bunny. Yeah!

    • Renadt

      I can’t believe they cancelled it after 22 episodes…

  12. 5Cats

    I like the larger size! Will it be retroactive if I go back to read it again?
    Just did that for another Web Comic (Ava) and found a lot of things I’d forgotten about… (or she changed).
    These old eyes don’t have to squint so much now, yay!

    • Jake

      No. At least not yet. I don’t have time to go back and update 800+ pages unfortunately. I’m not sure if I like it. The larger size is nice, but I don’t know if it does the art and text any favors (since its now larger than it was drawn).

  13. Kevin

    Anyone know Rod Hull? Modest has her very own Emu.

    • Jake

      I had to look him up, but I knew him once i saw him. That Emu.

  14. Brian V
    Brian V

    I like the larger size.

  15. mnmega

    ah, I finally understand it – that specific snake is the Prince’s son.

  16. Joseph Collins

    “Teenage” rebellion is never fun. But, it can be pretty funny.

  17. Turrosh Mak
    Turrosh Mak

    The advertisement between the Black Panther sticker art and the comments is sliding down over the comments when i scroll down.

    • Jake

      Ugh. It is. Its not supposed to do that (Its not supposed to be above the comments at all). It’ll fix that as soon as I can.

      • 5Cats

        So is the Egencia Advert too, it stays there for a dozen seconds every time I scroll, then goes away :/
        I already clicked it! Lolz!

        • Jake

          I’ve talked to the ad company and they’re trying to come up with a fix for me. If they can’t do that this week I’ll remove the ad. I’ve been trying them out this year since I could use the ad revenue, but it won’t be worth it if it messes with the site and my reader’s experience.

  18. Purphoros

    Not all parts of you are good for you, some you have to get rid of.
    Now, to find a Hairdesser that can handle a butcher’s knife…

    • mnmega

      or gardening shears

  19. Marscaleb

    Because he knows that if they learn magic they will have to grow up…

    • cheetaur

      you know that might be the reason, good reasoning there.

  20. Ls

    Aawww, Modest. I’m sorry.

    • cheetaur

      i’m with you …poor modest

  21. Jamato

    The compression artifacts! They are gone!

    *runs into the sunset, slams his face onto the background*

    • Jamato

      Well, not really gone, but their scale is smaller now.

  22. Thisguy

    Is this what marriage counseling is for?

  23. mushi-san

    loved the new size of the strips (yes, i’m a late reader)

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