– This strip is a little late. Sorry. Some of you know that I work at a shared studio space that I rent with about 10 other artists. Last night I took a break form working on this page to use the restroom, only to find the restroom door was locked from the inside. I’ve been working here for years and I’ve never seen that happen. I didn’t actually think it was possible. I was the only one there, and i had BEEN the only one there all night, so I wasn’t even sure who did it.  It occurred to me someone might actually be in the restroom, although it would mean that they’d been in there for hours. Thats not without precedent though. We keep our doors locked, but very often homeless or drunk people try to get in at night (I usually work from about 4pm to 7am), and sometimes we’ll forget to lock the door and someone will sneak in. So since it was 2:30 AM all of the sudden I was nervous that someone might have been hiding in the restroom for hours, waiting on the other side of the door for me to leave so they could sneak out. And I really had to poop! So I banged on the door and loudly announced that if anyone was in there they needed to unlock the door and leave, and that I wouldn’t try to stop them. But there was no answer. So… I had to just go home. There’s no other restroom in the neighborhood that late at night, and I couldn’t force the door open. I BARELY made it home on my bike!

Anyway, I had to wait till after I was done running errands today to finish and post this page. Plus I ended up having several studio visitors. So sorry its late!

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