– Sorry this update is only half colored. My cintiq seems to be crapping out, and I’ve been reduced to coloring with a mouse. Which means I can only really do flat colors. The colors for the background in the first panel took about 3 hours since I had to keep re-calibrating my cintiq every few minutes. It’s been acting up for about a week but the last few days it’s been unusable and i have no idea whats wrong. None of the usual fixes work and I can’t find documentation for my specific problem: The pen cursor is accurate in the top left corner but grows much less accurate the further form the top left corner it gets. and by “much less accurate” I mean “several inches off”. I’m not sure what to do because I absolutely need this tool to create art, but I also can’t afford to replace it right now. I’m to figure out a fix in the next few days. In addition to Medusa, I have a huge pile of Yeld illustrations to color, new Ghost Kiss pages to work on and a freelance project that needs my attention. At least Medusa doesn’t look too bad with flat colors.