This strip started out as an explanation for the Knife and the PlayStation disk, but it just didn’t feel right. After lettering it I realized that I didn’t really need to walk most of you through the idea that the Playstation dick the mermaid throws at Medusa and Medusa later offers Michelle is the same one they flushed down the toilet on Jake’s birthday. Similarly, most of you had already recognized the knife Marah finds at the bottom of the lake as the same one she gave Jake to fight the Unicorn. After lettering the whole strip I realized that it just didn’t sound very good. Plus, the story of the knife is explained a little bit in the Season 1 bonus stuff, so I didn’t want to spoil that.

Anyway, I went back and totally re-wrote the script for this strip. It’s not great, but I think it will be a nice lead in for the next few strips and the next long story.


Oh, necrolichmon created this bit of awesomeness. Thanks!