Jay Thompson is a regular poster over at Webcomics Nation. I liked this so much that I wanted to re-post it here: “When your mother {it’s obviously medusa’s mother who sent her knight a father would handle business personally} sends her knight out to kill the humans that you’ve come in contact with because they need to protect the paranormal world from humans. and you choose the one with a chainsaw {because chainsaws are something available in the human world} You would think you’d give it explicit orders to not kill your daughter. However seeing as it has no hands to carry her back. and she’s friends. she’ll probably have to make a deal to go home if it spares her friends. then they go after it. {By the way who thinks Jake is a mary sue. He has his porn stash exposed by an medusa who came out of his toilet he lives with family members it seems unless im mistaken the closest mary sue thing i’ve seen was he could afford to get 3 pokemon games on release date. which my girlfriend got two copies each for herself when it came out. Even punching out an chainsaw unicorn is pretty smart to throw it off if he can get close enough he can head lock it and drop it with his weight. {btw are mary sues fat?} Come to think of it a standard male mary sue is a tragic badass who constantly gets harmed to evoke sympathy from the audience but he puts on a brave face. where girl mary sue’s are peppy in the face of adversity who does no wrong. And i should know i have a Gary Stu myself named Jerus he’s red haired green eyes and he’s always trying to avenge his dead love]”