I’m back from Sakuracon! Thanks for waiting an extra day for teh update. I think that’s how i’ll handle it on convention weekends from now on, announcing it ahead of time and then posting a day late. That should cut down on the number of missed strips!

– Sakuracon was great! Thanks everyone who came by the booth to say hi, buy a book or just chat. Extra thanks to everyone who came by and got a copy of Mermaid Hunters or played in one of our two Mermaid Hunter games (or any of our other games). I hope you had fun. I know I did! here’s Nick, Ben and I at our booth on Friday before the doors opened!

– We still have plenty of copies of Mermai Hunters available. It’s just $5, or free with any order from teh Cel*Style store! You don’t have to add it to your cart, just order something and we’ll slip it in for free! This offer is good till the end of April!

– My next con is the Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland on April 28-29th. You’ll find me sharing a table with Ben Hsu right in the middle of the hall at C-13! I’ll have copies of both the Season 1 book and Mermaid Hunters for sale, plus Chocodiles, t-shirts, sketches and more. Come say hi!

– Here’s more great art by Koku-Chan! This time it’s a Simpson style Medusa!

– To whoever I accidentally stole that black copic marker from: I’m so sorry! I’ll mail it back to you if you tell me your address!