– I’ve done a really crappy job of updating thsi summer. I’m pretty sure I’ve missed one update each week since the middle of June. That’s just unacceptable. There’s been some times over the last two months where missing an update was unavoidable, but that wasn’t the case on Monday. I was just feeling tired and decided that instead of doing the strip on Sunday as normal I’d try to wake up early on Monday and get it posted before noon. Obviously that didn’t happen.

I did a double size strip today to make up for it, and I’m going to try very hard to keep Modest Medusa on schedule for the rest of this season. Consistency matters, especially in webcomics.

– I’ll be at Northwest Comics Fest in Salem this Saturday and Sunday. I’m not entirely sure where my table will be, so you’ll have to search me out. I’m sharing a booth with Jaymz Bernard and Micah Berkoff, so if you see them, that’s where I am.