– Today’s special guest star is Stephen Slaby!

– Another late strip. I’m super busy this week, but hopefully by next week I’ll be able to tell you why. Anyway, Friday’s strip should be up on time!

– Want to the pirate ship? I’m taking suggestions on Twitter. Best name gets a sketch or something.

– New Animal Crime page is up, featuring my favorite character! Check it out here!

– Still enjoying Ocarina of time, even though I got stuck. I made it through the Forest Temple, then spent two days just wandering around because I couldn’t remember where to go next. Back t the Temple of Time? Why would I want to do that? Anyway, I’ve gotta finish this up, because Tales of the Abyss just came in the mail!

– I’ve been playing Infinity with Nick and Matt. This is a Spanish sci-fi miniatures game, and it’s totally excellent! If any of you are gamers, I totally recommend it!

– Speaking of gaming, there’s a new expansion for Tanto Cuore available! You’ve never heard of this? Think of the card game Dominion, but with cute Maids. Yes. Think about it. I picked up the original game at Sakuracon last year and loved it. Looking forward to the new expansion big time!

– I’m still selling Modest Medusa Season 1 books. Get yours for just $17 at my store!