– My friend Elaine has just started her Kickstarter campaign for her new Peter Pan comic. You may know Elaine as the creator of the webcomic Tales of a Gaijin, and the artist of Dubious Company and Liscensed Heroes. She’s also done some great filler comics for modest Medusa! Her new book looks like it’s going to be awesome, so please help her out! Here’s the link.

– I’m working with some friends on a special Team Rocket zine/fanbook. It should be done by the end of the month, just i time for Kumoricon!

– I’ve decided to run the Season 1 and 2 hardcover bundle deal for another week. So you can get both Modest Medusa hardcover books for just $28. That’s a $6 savings! I’m also including a pack of stickers with each order. Click here to visit the store!

Bundle art