– Back from vacation. Taking a week off was interesting. I got quite a bit done, but none of it was particularly relaxing. I’ll relax when I’m dead, I guess. I saw some movies with friends (Mad Max was fantastic, Tomorrowland was not what I hoped), saw my family for my birthday (Kate made me peanut butter brownies. Will did steaks), played some board game sand did a little late night drinking (which for me is like breakfast drinking, but when someone says “hey, do you wanna get a drink?” at midnight it’s hard to explain that you haven’t had breakfast yet).

I spent most of my time off working, which is pretty much my favorite thing to do anyway. I did some writing for the next Ghost Kiss story, some drawing for my next Asami loves Korra comic and a lot of work on the Magical Land of Yeld project. But mostly I worked out what I’ll be doing with the rest of this season of Modest Medusa. “Medusa goes to school” was never the whole plan, but I realized about a month ago that I was having trouble imagining how I was going to get the story from where it is to where I want it to be by the end of the season. A week off helped me figure it all out!

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